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Version Comparing

There are three versions of program Agama Web Menus, please see license comparing table below.
FeatureLightMulti domain licenseProfessional
Fully cross-browser support Yes Yes Yes
Tree menus Yes Yes Yes
Drop down tree menus Yes Yes Yes
Popup menus Yes Yes Yes
Drop down popup menus Yes Yes Yes
Horizontal navbars Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited menus in the page Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited submenus and Items Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited submenu levels Yes Yes Yes
All Doctypes support Yes Yes Yes
Fully adaptability of menus up to the level of individual menu items Yes Yes Yes
Include more then hundred menu themes Yes Yes Yes
Menu structure drag-and-drop design function Yes Yes Yes
Menu structure copy and paste design function Yes Yes Yes
Menus/submenus positionning and resizing (WYSIWYG design style) Yes Yes Yes
Special content e.g. Login form, Search form, Clock, Calendar and other Yes Yes Yes
Fully user-adaptable sitemaps generator Yes Yes Yes
Google site map generator Yes Yes Yes
Creating own menu themes Yes Yes Yes
Menu drifting Yes Yes Yes
Custom programmble event trigers No Yes Yes
Multi domain license granted No Yes Yes
Separate sets of engine and configuration javascript files (server side menu generation support) No No Yes
Non obfuscated javascript code (full source code) No No Yes
Incorporating Into CD/DVD-ROM web based application No No Yes
Multi installation license No No Yes - 5 license pack
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