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Style Inheritance
Compiling and configuring extensive menus is facilitated by a feature called Style Inheritance.

The Project Manager contains four items under its General Styles node:
- Main Menu Styles: it represents the main menu style
- Submenu Styles: it represents the style of all other submenus
- Item Styles - Main Menu: it represents the style of main menu items
- Item Styles - Submenus: it represents the style of all other submenu items

A change of any attribute of these styles is applied immediately to all the derived (inherited) elements in menu hierarchy. For example: if you change a submenu general style background colour, this new colour will be applied to all the other submenus in the hierarchy, except the submenus for which you have already set, or you will do so later, a different colour.

See the following diagram that will help you understand the function of Style Inheritance better.

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