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Web Menu Samples
Agama Web Menus application contains hundreds of predefined menu templates in the styles of XP menu, Vista menu, Mac and many other styles of a high graphic quality. On the other hand you will be able to create and save hundreds of other, your own, personalized, original and repeatedly applicable menu styles.
There are a few menu samples which you will be able to create with our DHTML menu builder. All menu samples has enabled vertical drifting.

Popup menu samples
Grooved theme 1
Grooved theme 2
XP style 1
XP style 2
Metalic Tube
Metal and Glass
Netscape like style
MS Office
MSN style
Silver Board
Silver Board 3
Purple Rain
Porta Pro
Crete Aquarium
Simple Azure menu
Zebra - Blue

Navbar menu samples
Adobe Navbar
Iron Navbar
Vista Navbar Black 1
Vista Navbar Black 2
Vista Navbar Black 3
Vista Navbar 2
Vista Navbar 5
Vista Navbar 6
Vista Navbar 7
Mac Navbar 1
Mac Navbar 2
Mac Navbar 4
Mac Navbar 5
Mac Navbar 8
Glassy Navbar 1
Clear Navbar - Blue

Tree menu samples
Simple tree menu 1
Simple tree menu 2
Simple tree menu 3
Simple tree menu 4
XP Controls Panel 5
Mail me

Dropdown tree menu samples
iPod style
Let it snow
Mail me 2
Marina Sands
Orange and Blue
Rounded Container
Steel Globe
Vista Messenger style
XP Controls Panel

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