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Compatibility List

Agama Web Menus is an advanced and highly effective tool that will enable you to create perfect and fully functional DHTML menus compatible with all commonly used browsers without being obliged to write even a single code line. Our DHTML menus are compatible with all Doctypes in the quirk and strict mode.

We've got successful tested our DHTML menus whith these browsers:
  • IE 5.5 and laters
  • Firefox 2 and laters
  • Opera 7 and laters
  • Netscape 6 and laters
  • Safari 3 and laters
  • Chrome (google Inc.)
  • Mozilla 1.2 and laters
  • Torpark
  • and other Gecko and IE based browsers
We've got successful tested our DHTML menus whith these Doctypes:
  • HTML Transitional
  • HTML Strict
  • XHTML Transitional
  • XHTML Strict
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